• Searchfitness was started in 2013. We believe in the power of fitness to improve people's lives. With that in mind we have created a website that not only provides a service for people trying to find a fitness provider but a service to assist fitness professionals themselves.

  • Our hope is that the service will grow and expand to encapsulate and help all fitness professionals; Making it easier for people to connect with the right provider for their goals whilst allowing hardworking fitness professionals and organisations to flourish.

    At searchfitness we believe in what we do, we believe that fitness can bring so many benefits someone's life. We hope you believe that too and join us."

    At searchfitness we believe in what we do, we believe that matching the right fitness provider to someone's life will unlock unlimited possibilities.

    Searchfitness allows you to search and review fitness providers, contact them, and filter for activities and specialites. The site contains blogs, tips and advice from fitness experts from all fields. It brings details and reviews on the latest equipment, nutrition and apparel.